Videos of the encounters during the festival

Encounter with ORLAN

When art diverts medical normativity

ORLAN is one of the most famous french artist internationally known. She creates sculptures, photographs, performances, videos, and videogames, augmented reality, using scientific and medical technics like surgery and biogenetic. ORLAN changes constantly and radically the datas, which disrupt conventions, and “ready-made thinking”. She is opposed to the natural determinism, social and politic and to all domination forms, male supremacy, religion, cultural segregation and racism, etc. Always mixed with humor, often-on parody or even grotesque, her provocative artworks can shock because she shakes up the pre-established codes.


Moderation: Jens Hauser

Encounter with Marion Laval-Jeantet

When art diverts medical normativity

Art Orienté Objet is an artistic duo created in 1991 in Paris, composed of Marion Laval-Jeantet and Benoît Mangin. In a resolutely interdisciplinary approach, their aim is to constantly extend the capacity of art to communicate in a non-verbal way. Through anthropological, ecological or biotechnological experiments, they seek to understand the limits of their own consciousness. Whether it is through the Bwiti tradition of the pygmies, meditation experiments, or an injection of horse blood, their goal is to go beyond their own understanding of the world, and thus be able to transmit the “wide angle” vision born of this experience.


Moderation: Jens Hauser

Closing Conference

When artists meet health and biomedical research

How can we encourage encounters between artistic practices and biomedical health research?
This meeting will review various programmes involving artists, designers or makers in health and biomedical research establishments.


  • Muriel Colagrande, designer, ovaom.com
  • Mathilde Matringe and Jérôme Dubois from echopen.org
  • Anouk Judde-Montserrat, Pujade-Lauraine Prize – “Carta Bianca, art and health”.
  • Valentine Sergo, playwright.

Moderation :
Ariel Kyrou, editor-in-chief of Solidarum, a platform dedicated to social and solidarity-based innovation.